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Skilled Mediator in New Orleans, LA

What to Expect

The mediation process begins with a consultation using the parties' descriptions of their concerns from which, together, we determine which issues need to be addressed. During this joint session, each party is given the opportunity to express their views on each issue. Our mediator in New Orleans, LA, helps both sides to define their grievances and to give their positions clearly.

From there, it may be necessary to move into separate areas so the mediator can speak with each party individually. During this time, your mediator will go over any questions, offers and counter-offers, and other messages between the parties in an effort to assist them in coming to a resolution.

The mediator does not decide what the settlement will be and cannot enforce a settlement. Once a settlement is reached, the mediator will prepare the settlement documents, which can be filed in court. Mediation is binding once the parties agree to a resolution and file the subsequent paperwork.