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Mediation Services in New Orleans, LA

Resolution through Cooperative Communication

You can be assured that your mediator will be fully involved with your case and in continual contact when you work with Metoyer Mediation & Legal Services. We rely on cooperative communication and use resources designed to create the right setting for negotiation, employment dispute resolution, and family mediation. Contact us today for more details on our mediation services in New Orleans, LA.

Couple in Family Mediation in New Orleans, LA

Domestic Disputes

The sensitivity of family issues has the best chance at resolution and future success through cooperative communication. Our mediation process has a tried-and-true record of restoring families to functioning units by encouraging and guiding constructive communication. With this approach, sensitive matters can be addressed while preventing further emotional injury.

Employment Conflicts

Resolving a conflict in the workplace, while reaching the optimal outcome, can be a delicate issue. A non-confrontational approach, such as mediation, can be helpful in setting the tone with your employer. Additionally, this approach establishes your desires to quickly reach resolution, allowing the parties to restore their relationship or separate respectfully.

Business Men Discussing Business Discrepancies in New Orleans, LA

Business Discrepancies

Business contractual disagreements can be resolved in the mediation process. Partial terms or a contract in its entirety can be renegotiated and agreed upon, resulting in a new contract with terms favorable to all parties. This process may be repeated by all parties to the contract as needed.

Personal Injury Settlements

You have a right to seek compensation if you have been injured by someone. While there are numerous choices of representation, negotiation is a viable option to resolve personal injury matters both before and during the litigation process.

Woman After Car Accident