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Legal matters can take an emotional and financial toll on you, especially when they end up in a courtroom. However, the legal process can be less stressful with alternative dispute resolution in New Orleans, LA. Mediation is a low-cost, non-adversarial alternative to litigation that effectively reduces the cost for both parties. Metoyer Mediation & Legal Services have experience in all areas of the law, but we specialize in family mediation and employment conflict mediation services.

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Whether personal or business, we assist our clients with navigating difficult issues to achieve equitable resolutions. Other legal services such as filing documents and drafting wills and trusts are also available in order to better serve you in all matters pertaining to your situation.

When you're ready, please give us a call to discuss your particular legal needs. We proudly serve clients in the greater New Orleans, Louisiana, area, including North Shore, Chalmette, and Baton Rouge.

Seek conflict resolution through professional mediation with our help.

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Janine Metoyer – Family Mediation in New Orleans, LA

About the Owner

Janine Metoyer is a family, civil, and education attorney with over 18 years of experience. She focuses on educating her clients in all aspects of legal resolution, enabling them to navigate the network of legal systems and better understand their own situation. In doing so, she's able to better assist her clients in finding non-adversarial ways to reach equitable solutions.

Reliability and commitment are core values she exhibits in servicing all of her clients' needs. Through keen communication skills and precise analysis, she brings a level of clarity to her clients that allow them to better understand their situation from all angles. Whether your matter is personal or professional, you can count on Janine for sound meditation and conflict resolution.

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The Greater New Orleans, Louisiana Area, including North Shore, Chalmette, and Baton Rouge

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